ZEISS i.Scription Samples Better Night/Low Light Vision. Glare and halo effects are reduced at night.
Better Visual Contrast. White letters on a black background look crisp.
Better Color Vision. Colors are bright, intense, and more brilliant backgrounds look crisp and clean

i.Scription® technology consists of three elements:

  1. The i.Profiler plus® is an instrument using wavefront technology to determine your exact visual profile (which is as unique as a fingerprint). During the examination process, your eyes are measured at more than 2,500 reference points to detect even the smallest impediment to perfect vision. The i.Profiler plus® further enables optometrist to take measurements of your dilated pupils, to measure vision under night-time conditions.
  2. i.Scription® software then combines the information of the i.Profiler plus® with your optometrist’s subjective refraction, creating a prescription that is accurate to 1/100th of a dioptre, and is optimised for your unique visual fingerprint.
  3. The i.Scription® data is then used to make ZEISS customised lenses.

What does it do

“Visual noise” such as reduced contrast, blur or halos around bright lights, can reduce the clarity of your vision. By individually compensating for your unique profile, with all its little imperfections, ZEISS customized lenses using i.Scription® let you enjoy clearer, crisper, more relaxed vision.

Improved night vision, contrast and richer color perception has become a reality for people who have chosen ZEISS customized lenses featuring i.Scription® technology.

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